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The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in Saskatchewan. At YML, we love financing the grit and passion of business owners by securing the ideal commercial mortgage. Building on our solid foundation of financial strength and industry experience, we deliver unparalleled solutions for all our customers. With competitive rates, flexible financing and innovative solutions, Your Mortgage Link is the best option for your commercial mortgage. There are lots of reasons the people of Saskatchewan choose us for the best commercial mortgage options:

  • Exceptional market intelligence and thorough understanding of competitive landscape
  • With access not only to mainstream lenders, but to private lenders as well, YML scours the market to get the best lender for you
  • Offer all types of commercial real estate mortgage products. This includes CMHC insured, Conventional, Conventional Plus and High Yield
  • All the mortgage brokers at Your Mortgage Link have the knowledge of local market conditions and extended experience to secure you the best commercial mortgage
  • YML has access to the most competitive interest rates on fixed and variable-rate commercial mortgages
  • We offer flexibility large banks are not always able to accommodate, from 1-10 year fixed-rate closed or variable rate commercial mortgage
  • We can help with tarnished credit. YML will work with you to fix your credit, then after a few months at a higher interest rate, we’ll move your thriving business to a more competitive rate and lender options 
  • Able to understand your business plan and find the best commercial mortgage lender for your unique situation

We truly care about you and your new business, and are excited to be the fuel for your launch. Getting a commercial mortgage is the start of a dream. Our understanding of the Saskatchewan real estate market coupled with business market expertise mean we’ll find you the right lender. Our business is built on relationships, and our strong network of lenders give us access to the most competitive financing available for your commercial mortgage.

Current Saskatoon Mortgage Interest Rates


1 Year Fixed 1.84%
2 Year Fixed 1.54%
3 Year Fixed 1.54%
4 Year Fixed 1.54%
5 Year Fixed (High Ratio) 1.94%
5 Year Fixed (Uninsurable) 2.29%
7 Year Fixed 2.34%
10 Year Fixed 2.79%
Home Equity Line of Credit 2.65%
5 year Variable (Insured) 1.45%

Prime Rate

Benchmark Rate 4.79%
Rates are subject to change without notice. For the most current Saskatoon Mortgage rates, call (306) 244-4663.


























Geoff Grodecki

When you access a commercial mortgage with YML, you’ll work with our most experienced broker in this area — Geoff Grodecki.

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Geoff has expansive knowledge about this region and its people. Geoff has nearly three decades of experience in the financial services industry, two thirds of that time in commercial and agricultural lending in Western Canada. Geoff specializes in working with business owners and agricultural producers to meet their financing and mortgage needs. His vast experience in a broad range of industry and agricultural businesses benefits clients immensely. Extremely client focused, Geoff works diligently to make the financing process a positive experience. His consultative approach ensures that your needs are met in a professional and timely manner. Geoff helps tell the story of your enterprise to lenders, and secures the best possible solution everytime. 

As a Real Estate Developer, I deal with many Mortgage Brokers over the years.  I have never had such great service and professionalism than working with Geoff Grodecki with YML. He never gave up and was always thinking outside the box to find the best deal for our mortgage needs. I look forward to working with Geoff in the near future.

     — Alanna Fagervik, Saskatoon

Our industry experience and solid understanding of financial services means we deliver solutions for our customers that are unparalleled in the industry. For people with the drive, vision and tenacity to open a business in booming Saskatoon, we’ll secure the best commercial mortgage for you.

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Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking for a new home, our team is here to help you navigate the mortgage process.

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