We’re your link to mortgages and more! Our mortgage product offerings range from residential mortgages to commercial mortgages to credit rebuilding plans.  We have the know how and mortgage options you need.  We are Saskatoon mortgage experts at taking you through the process, we make sure to find the products best-suited to our clients’ particular needs.


Commercial Mortgages

For people with the drive and vision to open a business in booming Saskatoon, we have booming amounts of mortgage options for you!

Credit Rebuilding

When your credit takes a hit, we can get it right back up and looking like a champ! We are the best place to look at credit rebuilding options and it doesn’t necessarily have to be rolled into a mortgage either, we always have options!

First-Time Home Buyer

It’s an exciting time for you, and we would love to help you open that door! Let us take you through all the ins and outs of buying your first home and being approved for your first mortgage!

Lines of Credit

A line of credit is freedom. Imagine not having to apply for a loan everytime you
need money! Let your credit or equity work for you instead of the other way around.

New Home Mortgages

Buying a new home can sometimes be complicated especially if you have a current mortgage or the new home isn’t built yet. We have been navigating our clients through these obstacles for years and know the waters well.

Revenue Properties

When it comes to buying a Saskatoon revenue property we know having options and the best mortgage rate
possible are at the top of the list. We are experts at making your revenue property investment a profitable one.

Current Interest Rates
1 Year Fixed2.69%
2 Year Fixed2.69%
3 Year Fixed2.69%
4 Year Fixed2.69%
5 Year Fixed (High Ratio)2.49%
5 year Fixed (Uninsurable)2.64%
7 Year Fixed3.14%
10 Year Fixed3.19%
Home Equity
Line of Credit

Please read the Initial Broker Disclosure document before proceeding.

Rates are subject to change without notice. For the most current rates, call (306) 244-4663.